Support Groups

Growing On The Edge Forum All aspects of gardening in varied climates.
Cycad Forum Global Cycad Enthusiast Forum.
European Palm Society European Palm Society Forums.
Pennsylvania Hardy Palms Pennsylvania Hardy Palms, Bananas, and more!
The Wise Gardener The Wise Gardener Forum.
Inland SC Palms Inland SC Palm Board.
South Eastern Palm Society SEPS Bulletin Board
Tropicsphere Discussing All Things Tropical!
Virginia Palm Society Virginia Palm Society Board.
DC Tropics Hardy Palms and Tropical plants in the Washington, DC area.
Citrus North Citrus, Palms, Cycads, and Tropical discussion.
Scandanavia Palm Board Growing Palms in Scandanavia!
Hardy Tropicals Hardy Tropicals UK discussion board.
MidSouth MidSouth Palm and Tropical Board
TriCities NorthWest inland Palms & Tropicals.
Palms North Growing Palms, Cycads and Desert Plants in Northern Climates.
Zone 6 Tropicals Zone 6 Tropicalesque Gardening.
CFPACS Central Florida Palm and Cycad Society Message Board
Gardener Forum A focus on South African Plants.
Cactus North Forum Hardy Cactus, Yuccas and Agave.
Hardy Palm & Subtropicals Hardy Palm and Subtropicals Board. Banana Growers Board.
Zone Benders Palms,Tropicals and More in Zones 5,6,&7
PACSOWA Forum Palm and Cycad Society of Western Australia Message Board.
So. Hemi. Plants in Northern Gardens Cultivating Southern Hemisphere Plants.
Citrus Growers Board Indoor/Outdoor Citrus Growers Board.
GardenWeb GardenWeb Forums
GardenHere Home Gardening Community.
Plants World Gardening and More!
Garden Forums The Garden Forums.
UBC Botanical Garden Palm and Cycad Board University of British Columbia
Hardy Palms and More for the NorthEast Hardy Palms and More.
Hardy Palms in Temperate Zones Hardy Palm Discussion.
Temperate - Zone Desert Garden Temperate Zone Desert Garden Board.
YuccaYucca Board Yuccas, Tropicals and Desert Plants.
Northwest Palms Board Northwest Palms Discussion Board.
Cloudforest Cafe Subtropical Discussion Board.
PalmTalk Main Discussion Board of the International Palm Society
Tonys Tropical Corner Tony's Tropical Corner & Discussion Board.
Palm Tree Paradise Palm Tree Paradise Board.
The Palm Centre Palm Centre Forum.
Canadian Gardening Canadian Gardening Forum.
Cycad Bulletin The Cycad Bulletin Board.
AfriCam Link to Streaming Web Cam from the Water Hole at Sabi Sands Private Wildlife Preserve, Good Therapy for a Cold Winter Day :-)

Botanical Gardens

Botanic Gardens Conservation International - United Kingdom
Royal Botanic Garden at Kew - United Kingdom
Botanical Research Institute of Texas
Missouri Botanical Garden
New York Botanical Garden
Fairchild Botanical Garden -
National Tropical Botanical Garden -
Lotusland Botanical Garden -
Montgomery Botanical Center -
Nong Nooch Tropical Garden -
Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden -


Latin American Society of Botanists
Botanical Society of America
Botany online
Califonia Native Botanical Derivations
Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation
International Plant Names Index
National Plant Germplasm System
London Natural History Museum - Department of Botany


Conservation Ecology Journal
Ecological Modeling
Ecological Society of America
The Eden Project
Encyclopedia of Gap Analysis
Global Change Master Directory
The Man and the Biosphere (MAB) Programme -
National Library for the Environment
The Nature Conservancy
Society for Conservation Biology
Society for Ecological Restoration
U.S. Long-Term Ecological Research Network (LTER)

Culture and Information

Plant Maps Interactive USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map.
Plant Maps UK Interactive UK/Ireleand Hardiness Zone Map.
Physical Properties of Container Media Selecting a proper container medium.
Plant Families Database Cycad and Palm Family Database - Bananas and others being added!
UK Hardiness Zones Plant Hardiness Zone Map of the British Isles.
Canadian Hardiness Map Canadian Plant Hardiness Map.
New Zealand Zones New Zealand Zone Map
SC Zones South Carolina Palm Planting Guide
Climate Change News Feed. Compilation of News Articles.
Cold-Rating Data Base - Minimum temperatures for palms, cycads, bananas and other tropical plants.
Soil Temperature Maps Soil Temperature Maps.
Cool Tropix - Growing cold hardy palms, cycads, & tropicals.
Seed Germination Database A Reference for a large variety of species.
Palm Seed Germination A Guide for Germinating Palm Seed.
Photo Gallery Palm and Cycad ~ Seed & Seedling photos!


Coffee grounds to control and eradicate Cycad Aulacaspis scale. By Tom Broome.
The Cycad Pages Cycad Identification and Info.
PASCONZ Palm and Cycad Society of New Zealand.
S.A. Cycad Society Cycad Society of South Africa.
Global Cycad Forum The Global Cycad Enthusiast Forum.
Cycad Jungle Tom Broomes' Articles On Cycad Culture.
IUCN/SSC Cycad Specialist Group.
PASCOF Virtual Cycad Encyclopedia.
The Cycad Society Dedicated to the Conservation of Cycads through Education & Scientific Research
Cycad Special Fertilizer Fertilizer Formulated for Cycads.


Forest Conservation Links
USDA Forest Service
Forest Conservation Portal
FAO Forestry Department


Agricultural Building and Equipment Plan List Greenhouse and Agricultural Building Plans.
Solar Greenhouses Solar Greenhouse Design and Info.
PVC Plans Plans For PVC Framed Greenhouses and Cold Frames.

Horticultural Societies

American Horticultural Society
Palm and Cycad Society of Florida
International Palm Society
South Eastern Palm Society
American Society of Horticultural Science
European Palm Society
American Cactus and Succulent Society
Palm and Cycad Society of Australia
Palm and Cycad Society of New Zealand
Palm and Cycad Society of Western Australia
International Society for Horticultural Science
International Aroid Society


OnLine Library Articles and Books stored on this server.

Palm Culture

PASCOF Virtual Palm Encyclopedia.
EUNOPS European Network of Palm Scientists.
Seedling Gallery Palm and Cycad seed/seedling photos.
Adjacent and Remote Germination Differences in Palm seed germination.
EUNOPS Glossary Glossary of Palm Terms.
Polar Palm Palace Dedicated to South Carolina Palm Tree Gardeners.
Why Not Palms ? Cold Hardy Palm Handbook by Mike Papay.
Palm Seed Germination A Guide for Germinating Palm Seed.
Palm Articles and Germination Info. Some Misc. Articles.
Introducing Aquatic Palms Some nice alternatives for those of us with ponds.
Dallas Palms Cold hardy Palms in Dallas, TX
Georgia Palms Palms in Dawsonville, GA

Taxonomy & Phylogeny

The Biota of North America Program
Plants Database ~ USDA
Newfoundland/Labrador Flora
UK National Biodiversity Network
Global Biodiversity Information Facility


UK Hardiness Zones Plant Hardiness Zone Map of the British Isles.
Canadian Zones Canadian Plant Hardiness Map.
New Zealand Palm and Cycad Society New Zealand Plant Hardiness Zones.
Climate Prediction Center NOAA Long Range Climate Prediction Center.
Canadian Weather Service Canadian Weather Service.
Metchek UK Weather.
US Drought Monitor US Drought Monitor.
World Meteorological Organization Worldwide Severe Weather Monitor.

Winter Protection Schemes

Winter Palm Shelter Constructing a reusable Winter Palm Shelter - Video
Oasis Designs Winter Protection Information and Technique.
Cold Protection Designs Constructing Winter Shelters.
Cold Protection of Ornamental Plants Article from The University of Florida.
Some Winter Protection Photos. Various Implementations.

Online Sources

Trebrown Nurseries Supplying Seeds & Plants to the UK and Worldwide.
Ortanique Palm, Cycad and Tropical Seeds.
Rare Palm Seeds Large Selection of Tropical and Cold Hardy Seeds.
FNGLA Seed Auctions FNGLA Seed Auctions.
Northern Oasis Canadian Based Seed Supplier
Rare Exotic Seeds Canadian Based Seed Supplier

Mail Order Nurseries
Majestic Landscaping & Palms South Carolina Nursery, also offering 15 gallon + Sizes.
Evergreen Nursery San Diego,CA Wholesale/Public Nursery.
Jurassic Plants Nursery Canadian Specialty Nursery Growing Hardy Cycads.
Corolla Tropicals Canadian Nursery supplying Cold Hardy Palms and Tropicals.
Trebrown Nurseries Supplying Plants & Seeds Worldwide.
The Cycad Jungle Mail Order Cycads
Thimble Farms British Columbia based Nursery.
Tropic To Tropic Plants Canadian Based Nursery.
Broadway Gardens Canadian Based Nursery - Hardy Tropicals.
Oasis Designs ~ U.K Based Nursery
The Palm Centre ~ U.K Based Nursery
Desert NorthWest Rare Plants & Seeds WA, USA Based Nursery.
YuccaDo Nursery Hardy Drought and Heat Tolerant Plants.
Bamboo World ~ Canadian Based Nursery


Cycads for Canada

Cycads for Canada

Palm Talk